Things you should know about Tampa

We get a lot of people who are moving to the city of Tampa and surrounding cities. So we we at decide to write a summary to help everyone by answering some of the recurring questions.

Tampa is a large city located on the Gold Coast of the state of Florida, it has smaller cities around it such as ( in line from larger to smaller cities ) Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, Lakeland, plant city, largo, Riverview, Ruskin, Dover, Thonotosassa, Wesley chapel, seffner.


For the arab community Tampa has been a hub since the early days of 2000s but though in the last 5 years the city of Tampa has been growing 10 times the previous years, since Covid 19 in the year 2020 Tampa And cities such as Wesley chapel have been greeting almost 1000 new movers daily and there is a lot of Arabic families moved here since.


Arabic community is very strong in the heart of Tampa in a small city called Temple Terrace which is located literally in the middle of Tampa and it’s zip code 33617, almost if not all Arabic restaurants, Grocery Stores, schools, Mosques , churches, Arabic doctors, lawyers, hookah lounges, bakeries, event halls, furniture stores, barber shops, Roastery, contractors, architectures, clinics, handyman, and much more Arabic owned businesses. That also gives a huge advantage to families that had moved into Tampa, pretty much all within 5-10 miles radius and some even with walking distance.


A large part of families that moved in had gave us a feedback about areas that they had moved in to such as Temple Terrace with zip code 33617 and New Tampa area with a zip code 33647 and Wesley chapel area with a zip code 33544 and 33543, those 3 areas are domaines by Arab community due to the geographic location and the convenient of having Arabic business near by and due to the safety of those areas.

There is few strong Arabic schools in the Bay Area such as American youth Academy (AYA), Universal Academy of Florida (UAF), Al bayan schools, plus the other charter schools all around Tampa.

In addition to that Tampa bay has one of the biggest universities in Florida that students look forward to get a scholarship or approved by the USF.


Regarding to jobs the minimum wage is currently at 10$ per hour, but the huge demand of employees is very high which makes business owners to pay way above that, also having a large Arab businesses helps locating a job much easier for any new residents. There is much other job opportunities in the medical field and other big corporate facilities.


Tourism is a huge part of Florida and even better in Tampa and Orlando, Tampa has a lot of beaches that attract tourists from all over the United States much more closer to the city of Clearwater not to Mention Bush Gardens which is a huge tourist attraction, also the zoo and a-lot of museums and the aquarium.


Foods :

Food is a big part and important of the Arab community and it happen to be a big part of the Tampa bay community for american restaurants there is a lot of famous and vintage restaurants located around downtown Tampa and Ybor city, most of the Arab restaurants are located in Temple Terrace.


Homes and apartments prices are currently rising due to the massive amount of movers though out the past few years but with that Florida and Tampa specially is still one of the strongest economies in the US.

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